Your Immune System

How to build your immune system the right way

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The mechanisms required within a human being to fight against disease and kill viruses and parasitic worms are known as immune system. In other words there is a continuous war against enemies in your body. This war starts even before you are born and continues till death. Our poor eating habits, the stress on us and polluted environment has caused a challenge to our immune system.

Existing immune system is not sufficient to fight out allergies, persisting colds and flues. The immune system has to be enhanced. Many people are interested to build immune system to fight colds and flue bugs down. The basic for good health habits is to have an improved immune system function to reduce infections. In order to build a complete program to build immune system the first basic action is to wash your hands before you eat. But we never wash our hands, before we touch our face, eyes, nose or mouth. You are more likely to get viruses or bugs, if you don’t wash your hands before you touch face, eyes, mouth, nose etc.

Secondly if you just take a vitamin C supplement which is a common immune system vitamin is not enough, you need calcium or magnesium to absorb vitamin C. Generally vitamins and minerals work together. Multi-vitamin taken daily will assure you to get enough nutrition and build up your immune system than a single vitamin. Our daily food may not be of the required combination, but a multivitamin per day will provide the necessary nutrition and will give you a chance to build your immune system in a better way.

The next important factor to build immune system is to have a good sleep for six to eight hours a day. Immune system vitamin to work properly, uninterrupted sleep is very essential.

Vegetables and fruits have many nutrients to improve your immunity and also help build up immune system and also have the necessary vitamins and minerals. For proper working of your immune system a balanced diet containing vitamins and minerals is essential. So that you get protection from infections and diseases. Minerals are available in fish, poultry, lean meat, low fat diary products, cereals, peas, lentils and beans. Vitamin A is available in cheese, eggs or lever. Beta coronate are found in spinach, sweet potato or carrots. These must be taken in a right combination to build up immune system.

During sleep immune building substance are released in our body which will strengthen your immune functions. So a good rest and sleep is necessary not only to be energized for the next days work but also to build your immune system.

To fight nasal allergies build up your immune system; use garlic’s to fight colds and flue and garlic also helps you to breath easy. The National institute of allergies says an average child will get six to ten colds in a year and an adult will get it four times. A well balanced diet and adequate rest is advised by medical personal to build up immune system and to maintain good health. Anti viral and anti-bacterial qualities are found in garlic and onions and the sulfur compound found in it helps to build your immune system. Garlic, onions and citrus fruits such as lemon counteracts nasal allergies. Sinus problems may be relieved by eating ginger, onion, garlic and horse radish.

This is an amazing protection mechanism. That is known as immune system is in your body to defend against bacteria, microbes, virus, toxins and parasites that otherwise would invade your body. A strong immune system means better health and better protection against diseases. To build immune system is not a very difficult task, eat a balanced diet, exercise, drink lots of water and keep yourself neat and clean.

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Your Immune System